New Recurring Cast Member on Stargate Universe!

According to Joseph Mallozzi in his highly popular blog,
actress Jennifer Spence has been cast as a new recurring cast member,
Dr. Lisa Park, on Stargate Universe. 
Hired initially for just the pilot, the actress apparently made such impression that her character is now being developed more fully….

Here it is in his own words:

Speaking of which – actress Jennifer Spence plays the role of Dr. Lisa Park in Stargate Universe, a character who has developed quite nicely since the pilot. Here’s a classic case of a supporting player who, over the course of several episodes, catches the attention of the writer/producers on the basis of an impressive initial performance. Based on that initial performance, the actor is given more to do – and hits it out of the park, which gives rise to more interest and meatier scenes. Jennifer‘s growing role on SG:U is just one example of the many such instances I‘m seeing develop as we make our way past the season one midway mark.


Jennifer Spence

Jennifer Spence on the set with Joseph Mallozzi


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