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December 12, 2009

 John Guilfoil has some interesting comments in his recent article… 

“When Blast interviewed Michael Shanks last month, we learned that the new, anticipated “Stargate SG-1″ straight-to-DVD movie does not exist yet. That is, it’s not under production as of now. MGM is out of money and for sale, and they own all the rights to Stargate.” 

Golden Gate med








“What the next Stargate SG-1 movie should do”

By John M. Guilfoil

John Guilfoil is the editor-in-chief of Blast: Boston’s Online Magazine



 Dennis Miller’s Most Fascinating People of 2009

“But I don’t find Barbara Walters as the gatekeeper on the “who’s fascinating” stargate to be a good choice. O’REILLY: OK. But listen, what you think goes …”


Mystery … the light seen over the Norwegian sky

 spriral over norway

“The phenomenon was visible for over two minutes, could be seen for hundreds of miles, and was witnessed by thousands of individuals. It has been dubbed “Star-Gate,” and theories of its origin range from a misfired Russian missile, a meteor fireball, northern lights, a black hole, and alien activity. The only thing that everyone agrees upon, including scientists and the military, is as of now its appearance is a mystery – and is like nothing ever seen before.”




A Fan Spends $70 K to build a Stargate Theater!


“Just when you thought that you were the biggest Stargate fan there is, along comes Jacob Yarmuth who backs it up not only with words but money and a passion, resulting in a Stargate Atlantis home theater theme that costs a whopping $70,000.”



Ratings Deliver Harsh Verdict on ‘Stargate Universe’
By Michael Simpson

“Stargate Universe heads into its Christmas hiatus, one thing is clear: some viewers are not keen on …”

Stargate and Other Ratings From Syfy Channel 12-8-09 [Cinema …
By Bruce Simmon at

“Stargate Universe’s mid season finale probably had its best ever episode, but the showrunners have alienated the installed fan-base for the show and others aren’t quite catching on because they think it’s Stargate, when in fact, it’s another beast altogether!”


Stargate Universe: SGU ratings sink to series low 1.34 million for fall finale

”While I have seen some live+7 numbers for SGU that suggest when it has been lower, it has made a lot of it up with Live+7 DVR viewing, there’s no getting …”


Stargate Universe Ratings: Steadying, or Falling? |
By Nix

“The site has a comprehensive ratings break-down for the first nine episodes of “Stargate: Universe”, and depending by your point of view, the show is either falling or steadying itself. The show, of course, premiered to great numbers …”


Gatecon 2010 will be fan-run convention’s last

“Gatecon has been holding events in Vancouver and London for a decade now, predating Creation Entertainment’s acquisition of the “official” Stargate …”


Syfy’s Dave Howe on name change, DVRs, On Demand, Retrans and more

“Not a single reference to Stargate Universe though he did talk about what a huge global franchise Stargate is for MGM. Instead he talked about topics that …”


Stargate Atlantis’ Jason Momoa signing | The Forbidden Planet
By Joe


“Jason Momoa, best known to legions of fans for playing Ronon Dex in the popular Stargate Atlantis series. Jason will be in N&C from 4 to 6pm on Monday November 30th and fans in Northern Ireland can also rejoice as he will be heading …”


SGU’s Alaina Huffman Has A Baby Girl!

December 9, 2009

Alaina Huffman

Congratulations to Alaina Huffman and her family! 

The Stargate Universe actress gave birth to a baby girl today, Charley-Jane.  In true twenty-first century social networking fashion, she even Twittered the event. 

“10 cm, let’s go! Just waiting for the doctor to arrive and I’ll have myself a lil’ baby!” she told fans via Twitter.  Her post-birth tweet reported: “Awww, that was nice!  Baby is healthy and lovely!  Welcome My baby girl, Charley-Jane.“ 

The actress, who plays Lt. Tamara Johansen on the new Syfy series, is married with two other children. 

As previously reported, we don’t know yet if the actress’s pregnancy will result in a parallel storyline for T.J. near the end of SGU’s first season, or if the producers decided to write and shoot around it.  Filming wrapped in October, when Huffman was about seven and a half months pregnant. 

“You have to watch,” Huffman told SCI FI PI in an interview following her announcement.  “I think every actor on the Stargate franchise has had one or more kids.  [The writers] know what they are doing, and they know how to deal with it.  I can’t give away spoilers whether we are or are not going to entertain that possibility.  You’ve just got to keep watching!” 

Stargate Universe returns with new episodes in April.  Should the show be picked up for a second year, filming is expected to commence in late February or early March. 

Sources:    Gateworld and Twitter